Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Man Without A Face

Mysterious he is….

He says the right words that sinks into her eyes that she loves to soak up

He can make her laugh by the things he does like a jester for this queen who is naive on her throne.

A clown he is? Maybe so

A joker? she won’t ever know because she accepts this person for who he is due to his alluring behavior that covers more than she fails to realize.

Casting a dawning gaze into her eyes which hypnotizes her into a still motion so he places strings around her to control her thoughts and movements like a beautiful puppet

Crafty he is? It seems like it

Though his motives are unclear but they become apparent when he wants to introduce her to his parents as a sign that he wants a “commitment”

Tries to be consistent but slips up every chance he gets

Trying to get a grip of those strings by placing a ring on her finger to claim promises being kept

But quiet as kept he knows what he’s doing

Under his spell he drags her into a seeming less hell which is his playground, so he gets her to have fun which she thinks is okay to do because the pleasure is a trap

Feeling every spot from the bottom to the top

Sexual sins running rampant into her mind which now she has become blind and deaf to her senses

Paralyze so he can do whatever he pleases to do

She doesn’t see this man with a face

All she can remember is the guy she met so she thinks she’s safe and know harm can be done

She allows him to have his way

Displacing her by demoting her from queen to a whore

Valuable to trash

Instead of love he lusts after her ass more than he does her heart

But he controls her heart

Wanting to ruin her life

Wanting to drown her insides with unprepared life which is a major consequences because there’s no protection

No protection….

She knows he’s mysterious but looks past the mysteries of his past not asking him of any previous illness that plague his manhood

No protection…

The only thing she feels is his erection and it’s now second nature for her to accept

Never thought about getting checked but he checks himself since that all he cares about

Worry overcomes her for the first time as the tears soften her drys eyes now she can see

Remember how she use to be

Sick and disturb she gains the nerves to speak her mind but he still controls her with an array of emotions

Weak she is? Yeah no doubt

Still eating the lies he’s spitting into her mouth

Until the truth hurts her with news of his deception

He didn’t love her in the first place

She gains control now she’s free

He did it all to please his needs of beastly behaviors

Worked her over time with sexual favors that she didn’t mind to take

Making a huge mistake..

Feeling less of herself

She wept…

Letting tears flow in disbelief that she was a hoe to one person even if they were together

She spreads her wings and fly as high as she’s allowed

Staying away from that demon of a guy

Does she ever love again? She does

A cold heart now hot as liquid gold on a new throne that she was crowned by her king

A non factor past exploring new things

Mindless behavior…

This mysterious man with a motive thats endless.

Wanting to reclaim what is lost for personal gain

Sick in his ways but he can’t come close to infect

But who is this man?

This man without a face?

A mask he took off with a black void behind it

Evil in a good disguise that tells lies

A crafty actor with no applause

No standing ovation.

But the curtains close…

By Tyree Mc

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Let Go

Sluggish movements..

Dragging your feet like a misbehaving child with an attitude..

No you don’t have an attitude but your actions prove you’re willing to move forward but holding on to the previous dude

The prelude ended with an interlude with new possibilities to make an impactful hit to our music of life.

What isn’t right is this past still lingering like a nosey annoying insect trying to draw blood so it can gain your attention

Trying to make himself noticeable

All in your ear buzzing making you listen to the times you did this and that


But thats bad blood because it’s unhealthy to be in a place where there is no love but you feel as though you need to play a part because that past was lengthly.  

Selfish it may be we’re chopping down trees to build a home but you’re being careless by burning the wood we have but the irony is that you don’t want to burn that wooden bridge.

Cant cross what you already walked from

Can I live?

Have a future with you and beautiful kids

Have our eyes focused on each other until we close our lids

Then actually look back on the great things we did that was good with our numbers

The years of any past hurt which will be long gone

Move at a fast pace or lose the race which we’re in

What’s better than righteousness to sin

Afraid to let it go to and have it gone in the wind?

Let it go

Keeping it lost and never found

Let it go

Moments like that

Let it go

What more can I say?

Is it so?

You want it all with me in the future

But you have to let that past be the past and let it go.

By Tyree Mc

Saturday, November 9, 2013


We should stay right here..

We’re not going no where

In this room alone while trapped in our own zone breathing peacefully in this atmosphere

My love my dear stroking and playing with your hair while we bask in the sun as the rays hit your bed

Expressing everything thats going on in our head

Pouring out our hearts like a pitcher of southern sweet tea which is pleasing since our conversations is very tasteful

I taste your words and feed them with insight while you smile so bright

Warming my body with your luminous love as the sun beams on you my angel

Making me laugh with tears of joy flowing like a raging river of peace

Television on mute so its being entertained by our amusement of one another

Laying on top of the covers but you cover me with your body while I taste your soft lips

Soft as plush and luscious fruit

Pausing our expression with a quiet I love you

Staring deeply while laughing

Thinking about the moves we should make

Hard to think since we’re so comfortable in this place which is our space

Our world

Blocking the noise from the outside feeling alive when i’m with you

A natural high filling the room and being exposed to it’s inevitable contact.

A beautiful day




Friday, October 11, 2013

Lost & Found


I have another story to tell

Where a beautiful young woman has been forced and locked in a shell..

A rare woman of good morals and ethics

But suffering with torturous pains that’s clouding her brain..

Insane weakening her membrane leaving her vulnerable to the outside world to feel pain but now she wants to numb it..

She wants what’s good but has no choice but to settle for the bad..

Mad with madness because what she use to preach lacks practice so she’s acting out of character

She doesn’t get what she wants which is that good and safe lifestyle where happiness reigns but instead walks on the darkside where trouble stays


Her judgment is jaded without a care so she changes her hair and appearance while others are playing tug of war with her ears but she forces herself not to hear it..

She’s gone in spirit..

Negative and toxic on the inside where the devil resides

Not giving a damn who comes inside as you see the black in her eyes as she’s lost where the good in her hides

Taking in her veins a drug of sexual pleasure from men who are just little boys who like to play in fruit which was once forbidden but now left open to the public

She loves the way it feels not caring of the repercussions that kills in every disposition

Looking at herself in the mirror she listens to the rights and wrongs thats going on as she cries

Killing the evil behavior in her she dies

Putting her in a body bag of baggage that she carries which is labeled as her burdens

Locking her public gate to become private

Finding the one who left her excited so she’s forced to let go and live without a care of the mistakes she made so she can be set free

Bad girl returned to good that was once lost and misunderstood for loose and out of control

Broke down to pieces just to be remade whole

Recycled as a new woman  

Made anew

By: Tyree Mc

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Slow Dance

This place is hopeless…

A hopeless place to find love while a crowd full of people in this club moving like a roaring sea during a storm

The eye of the storms sight is on you as the tide calms down to a slow motion groove with a soft melodious tune as I sail my way across this room

Towards you

Parting ways like the Red Sea just to get from here to there where my journey ends

Grabbing your hand as our waltz begins with a us both facing forward but experiencing an array of senses that’s polarizing to our motion. 


You grinding your hips deeper but gently on my lap..

Just grinding



Slow motion grind with your hands scanning my body like a detector

Lost like a treasure in our own world in outer space

It’s like no one is around and the only sound we hear is the music from above 

I’m going there with you so you can handle it 

Reaching the ending but it’s like the very beginning because we can’t stop 

Beautiful movement like swans 

Showmanship of affection 

When we slow dance


By: Tyree Mc

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Life

You can’t let it go..

Caught up in the allure of glamour..

The spotlight

The party life

Flashing cameras and videos post of siddity attitudes thinking you’re better than the next

Talking down to humble dudes when you’re the reason why you broke up with your ex

Nonetheless you’re lost in a world that only cares about your physical

Thinking your high priced and valuable but from the outside IN your depreciable 

Yeah you depreciate in value because your worthless with your attitude

You may be gorgeous and stunning

Though you snare words like a trap to hurt feelings to those below you come close

Drunk of life

High of life

Turning up hell in the night time.  

You fail to shine even with your glitz and glamour

Conceited ways leaving your humility retreated.  

A lost soul in a circle like a seance

Money hungry women who prey on men

Indulging in sexual ways to get paid and be seen on the TV

The channel changes

Life goes on and you go on heading towards disaster

Caught up in the life

A life that you can’t let go

Friday, August 16, 2013


Every little step I take with you..

Seems prosperous without an ending insight..

Because with you I want to journey on a road that will last for the rest of our life until we reach that sign that says dead end

Here our trek begins with us as a dating couple holding two hearts, with two hands, two brains, two loves…

That adds to ten because before we were incomplete but with you my other half made me whole that is biblically symbolic

Completion and perfection

Because you baby are perfect in my eye and in my mind that flows blood from my heart which seeps into my bones which excites my soul and relieves my spirit

My heart beats for you

Do you hear it

Cause I hear yours thumping hard like a rabbit being chased..

I had to chase to win last but ended up being first due to those who were disqualified

Those words were lies but I gave you truth but trust was gained because I knew you

You knew me and we walk to the point where I fall on my knees where I stumbled and found buried treasure

A ring that made you say I will, to prepare us towards the next step on this path of life that we turned on

An area that is new where trees and flowers blossom around a spring and meadow with an enchanted moment that I vowed and you said I do, only to fall deeper in the sky as we make sweet love on our honeymoon

Sinking deeper in you as I plant my seed to grow inside that sprouts a human that has our features and your eyes

Echoing her cries to rock her to sleep

More is on the way as we harvest our loves labor of being fruitful then multiplying to more blessings of our making.

Stepping into a place where they attain values and rules

Schooling like a group of fish only to grow wings and fly

Traveling in their own direction to find their love in a faraway land

Here we stand on three legs

Aged with wisdom

We see our joyful humbling ending

We spread our wings and fly high as our age converts to a younger us

Walking on clouds

Our spirit

Death do us part

Eternally together

Gods righteous steps.

By: Tyree Mc

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Vow

Bone of my bone..

Flesh of my flesh..

The one I choose to mesh myself with for the rest of my life..

Intertwined and inter tangled in a knot that I refuse to let loose

Tied and wrapped together to you to you like a noose

I don’t ever want to separate from you

Because I’m not going anywhere…

I’m staying right here by your side because you’re connected to me at my rib since you perfectly fill that space

You make me feel whole..

I will devote everything that is me to you to show you that I give my all to you

Through sickness and In health

To being poor to wealth

Through the best and the worse

Even with gifts and a curse

From what feels good to a pain that hurts

Anything that is broken I’ll do whatever to fix it to make it work

I will honor you like the queen you are

And admire you like a shinning star

Until death do us part I pledge to you and God to do what’s required

Me as your husband

You’ll forever be my wife

My vow to you

All I have to say is baby I do


By: Tyree Mc

Friday, August 2, 2013

King Me

King me

My royal highness..

I bow down before you as your servant for you are the queen to a lonely throne

A throne that has been dethroned by your approval of the people since they lacked the leadership to create a mighty dynasty

They lacked the character and the charisma to lead a nation that would last for generations

But I

As your loyal servant

The one who stood by your side when opposition tried to tear your walls down but I kept your castle from falling

I refused for something great to fall like  Babylon and for you to be casted away like the people of Israel


I stayed through thick and thin like blood to water

When the floods came

I created a dam that would block an overflow of destruction when it rained

You was dealt blows of pain but i healed and catered to your wounds so you can continue leading with power..

Alone at your lonely thrown..

Each king before..

Each one failed since they possessed the characteristics of Saul

But me..

You look at me as your anointed one since I posses the characteristics of a faithful & loyal David

Blessed to be in your presence

I bow down to the ground as you place a title on me

Placing a crown on me to appoint me your king..

A ruler of a nation

Father of a generation

My Queen has a King in me because she chose the right one for the position

I give thanks to The Lord for I have found a good thing that is a blessing since my crowning moment itself was symbolic

For I am your King


By: Tyree Mc

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Flesh

Who am I to say that you’re the one

For you are the daughter

And I am the son

Of God

The author

The timekeeper

The creator

The leader

The master

Our father..

A man of many titles

But few names

He who tames us


Gives us the eye sight to see

But behold

He gave me.

The man ..

The eyes and the sense to see the one for me

The sense to know and feel that a woman like yourself could be my first and last meal

A delicacy that my taste buds crave as my favorite dish..

All I’ve ever done was wish for a girl

Or a “woman” for me to have

Each one of those girls

Or “women” didn’t last

Because I made a wish

So I switch up my position and prayed

And that’s where my eyes have laid

On this woman of God..

I was in awed because my heart said yes.

My spirit said yes

My mind was clear of all things

Yes cause I thought positively

That the beauty I see is in fact the one for me

Inside and out i see

I see so many possibilities that granted me the ability to know I found the one that I can cleave

Instead of one who would leave me

For a worldly being

That doesn’t have anything to offer but financial security and flashing things

Or lies that breaks promises with false dreams..

Imperfect but I see perfection cause I use to think hope was lost but you’re like Jesus’s resurrection..

I believed

God made you for me

Of course a woman can’t see because she was forced to be blinded by these things

Until the lord intervenes

Even if he has to break us up to tear us down so we can get past to where we are now..

You are worth the wait

Like a life long line to get into Gods club

The heavens gates

I’ll wait

Shouldn’t fear cause there’s nothing at stake if you have faith..

It’s those senses I keep bringing up

I know your soul as it knows mine

Cause time after time I can look at you from across the room and smile cause I know you’re mine

Beauty that’s so divine from the inside..

I feel it when we go to church to praise

Our hands raised

But one set locked at the same time

Reading scriptures together like Matthew 6:33

"Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all things will be added to you"

This holds true for you and I

As we blessed The Lord at the same time while we’re giving tithes

But patience is a virtues and all The Lord ask for is time

Time to reveal what is true instead of negative insinuations that was said to you

The forbidden tree

Knowing what is evil making you believe

The Lord can wipe that slate clean and purify your mind with things that you didn’t notice

20/20 vision

100% focus

Answers that was there the whole time but didn’t see because you was blind

To the facts

Spun around in confusion because you didn’t know where you was at..

Fasting together to bring growth and clarity

Like our lord and savior I was there for you like you were for me

On our knees every night praying for our families

For each other

Cause we love one another

Even if there was a silent distance

I would be there in an instant……

The one

I know who it is

From the sway of her hair

To the switch of her hips

To the smile on her face

To the style of her taste..

The twinkle in her eyes

The dimples on her face

The grace in her walk that treads confidence in her faith

The worship she gives when she prays..

The submission when she lays

On her knees to please our lord and savior

I pray every night for God to protect her from the bondage of this worlds doubt in things and herself

I think about her and nobody else

Well The Lord too

Cause he created this angel here on earth..

So much in common like the closeness of our birth

A perfect match

One two three

One four three

One flesh

Add everything up

God, you and me

I love you..

All wrapped in one


By: Tyree Mc